Amwell Historical Society                              Amwell, Washington County, PA            June 13
Cornerstone Genealogical Society                Waynesburg, Greene County, PA          June 14
California Historical Society                           California, Washington County, PA        June 15

Palm Coast Civil War Roundtable                                      Palm Coast, FL     February 20
Cornerstone Genealogical Society                                     Waynesburg, PA     April 14 [postponed]

Northern VA Relic Hunters Association                              Fairfax, VA
Bull Run Civil War Roundtable                                           Centreville, VA

Stafford County Library                                                       Stafford, VA

Greater Pittsburgh Civil War Roundtable                            Hampton, Allegheny County, PA

Greater Pittsburgh Civil War Roundtable                            Hampton, Allegheny County PA

Northern VA Relic Hunters Association                              Fairfax, VA
Benton Middle School                                                         Manassas, VA
Addison & Rockwood Historical Societies                         Addison, Somerset County, PA
Heritage Hunt Civil War Roundtable                                  Gainesville, VA

California University of PA Roundtable                             California, PA
Fayette County Historical Association                              Coley Tavern, Fayette County, PA

Prince William County Social Studies Teachers                Brentsville, VA
Benton Middle School                                                        Manassas, VA
Greater Pittsburgh Civil War Roundtable                           Edgeworth, Allegheny County, PA
Dunbar Historical Association                                            Dunbar, Fayette County, PA

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  1. Dan. I saw the write up your book. Very impressive work, which must not have been easy sourcing. I have quick question, unfortunately not on 85th Penn. I am doing research on great grandfather, Patrick Coleman, who was in 88th Regiment NY (aka Irish Brigade) that fought alongside the Army of the Potomac. He was captured June 22, 1864 in Petersburg (presumably Jerusalem Plank road. Record at 88th Reg just says “Paroled” with no date. I have been trying to figure out if imprisoned in Richmond or Andersonville but no success or was part of exchange agreement. I think I say on the write up on your book that prisoners from the 85th Penn went to Andersonville. Are you aware of any source material you can point me toward where I can do further checking. I know he survived. Record says mustered out Jan 4, 1865 “near Petersburg,” whatever that means. Thanks so much. John Hughes, McLean,VA